Sunday, 22 February 2009

Back To Work

Finally, I have my new website at a stage where I am happy with it and it's now indexed by the search engines. I will gradually populate it with all of my available work over the next few weeks. Meanwhile I can get back to some painting after a bit of a lay off.

I found a small Fredrix watercolour canvas in my cupboard to use up so decided to use that. These canvas boards are great to use, although techniques have to be adapted to suit as opposed to paper. There is little or no absorbency so the paint stays wet a lot longer and can lift off easily when over painting glazes. So initial washes have to be stronger and subsequent glazes have to be applied very carefully. But the results are really pleasing, showing a fine canvas texture almost like an oil or acrylic painting but allowing the lightness, transparency and other effects associated with watercolour. No cockling or warping either.
I chose to paint this pony as I am planning to paint a much larger painting of an indian aboard his war pony emerging from a dark woodland scene. So this gave me a little practice and opportunity to see how it will go. Click the image for full details.

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