Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Million Miles Away

A 16 x 22 inch watercolour with some touches of gouache to finish. This was an interesting painting to do. Based on one of a group of students sat in a beer garden. This pose, feet up on the bench, bottle of beer in hand struck me as one I could use. Once sketched out I was able to adapt it and add the blankets with other details to achieve something similar to what I had in mind. I really enjoy letting the paint do the work on these, feeding in several colours to wet washes and dabbing in screwed up tissue to create the texture effects. Once dry I get out the fine brushes and take advantage of whatever the paint has created for me. it doesn't take long to bring the whole thing to life. The title, well I was listening to the wonderful track of the same name by Rory Gallagher while working and, with the expression on the girls face it seemed to suit. Along with some others, this painting is currently on display in the Gala Art gallery in Galashiels where I'm pleased to say Natalia and Dimitry sell a lot of my work.

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