Saturday, 14 February 2009

New Website

I'm very busy building my new website at the moment. No time for painting or very much else at all. It's a steep learning curve for me, although I am very much enjoying doing it. It will be a work in process for a while longer yet, but I'm pleased how it's coming along. I hope to have it well established and working for me by the Summer. I can then come off one or two of the expensive on-line galleries I currently use. They're not performing so well nowadays and in these economically depressed times I think it's important to hurl myself into a vigorous marketing period.

I will be very happy to be in complete control for a change, rather than subject to the whims of some on-line gallery owners.

Progress so far may be seen at or via the link on this page, I'm working on it a lot which may affect access. But if anyone out there does take a look I'd be really pleased to get any feedback, positive or negative.

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