Sunday, 8 February 2009

Silent Grace

For some time now I've been very interested in the artist Lee Bogle.
You see his work reproduced every where and he uses some interesting methods to achieve his beautiful paintings. Starting with a bold watercolour wash, he uses combinations of media such as pastel, coloured pencil and air brush, basically whatever it takes to build some wonderfully atmospheric images. He also paints a lot on bark paper which looks wonderful and is something I may try out in the future. I don't have all of the skills and resources that he has, but I've been working in a similar style for a while now and this is my latest (and I think my best so far) attempt. It measures 14 x 17 inches.

For the first time I've painted on Stonehenge paper (I have quite a bit in stock after getting a big pack for my 'Larger Than Life' drawing). This paper has very little texture. Although very sturdy, it's quite absorbent and after the paint dries you are left with a lovely velvety surface. So the watercolour effects I've used for the background merge and dissolve into one another beautifully, a bit different to my normal heavily textured watercolour paper.
So I started with the large wet wash of the background. Sometimes I use scrunched up clingfilm to create patterns, this time I just used a few salt crystals then left it to dry. I then did an underpainting of the main portrait in watercolour before going in with my prismacolor pencils to get a more photorealistic effect. Then a little gouache on top to finish the highlights.

I'm really pleased with the colour combinations here and as you can see I like it so much I've used it for my new logo.

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