Friday, 27 March 2009

Spring Cleaning

In an effort to get more organised I've been having quite a clear out of old work which I won't be showing any more. I've given quite a few away to friends and some have gone for charity. Some people have made charity donations on my behalf and others have given donations to me. I didn't expect anything so thanks to everyone for that. It's quite liberating to have a clear out.

I also set about sorting out my giclee print drawers. I have a lot of prints which were taken from old paintings and which I no longer try to sell, so they will be going to the car boot sale in a few weeks. A couple of my popular prints are Mustang Spirit versions 1 and 2 shown here. I've never been happy with my master image of these as when I did them (about 5 years ago) I only got a poor quality photo of them.
So I decided to replace them with a small series of paintings in a similar style and using similar colours.These are what I have come up with, a series of 3 of which I now have high quality scans. I should be able to have better prints made of these of a larger size which hopefully will be as popular as the old ones.
It's a refreshing change to work so quickly and loosely as opposed to the intensely detailed work I've been doing lately

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