Friday, 3 April 2009


Ah well. Just got my rejection from the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. This was my entry, called 'Chaos' which is coloured pencil and designer gouache on black paper. I'm glad I entered though as it's a great cause and all of the entry fees go toward saving endangered species.

The DSWF website is well worth a visit, with news about the work they are doing and some impressive examples of wildlife artwork from the Shepherd family and many others. I'll be entering again next year (must try harder) meanwhile this painting is now available for sale on MightyFineArt .


Tina Ashton said...

"Chaos" was a truly superb entry Pete, I am amazed that you did not get selected. I find it hard to see how you can improve on this but don't give up!

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Tina, I wasn't too surprised as they must get zillions of entries. I'd be surprised if they all even get looked at properly. But I tend to think of the entry as a donation as it's a good cause.
Thanks for looking at my blog by the way, I was beginning to feel like I was talking to myself but now I know someone out there may be reading it. (I've subscribed to yours too)