Thursday, 7 May 2009

A New Dawn

I came across another old photograph by Edward Curtis circa 1906, of some Cheyenne Warriors. As usual there wasn't much detail left but quite an atmospheric photo which I wanted to work from.

I decided to keep it simple and revert to my slightly impressionistic style I've used a fair bit lately. I put in a traditional watercolour sky which always looks nice, but this time I ran it right to the bottom of my paper before lifting out some to create the misty effect. Then I added the distant mountain tops, keeping them very simple and not too bold. The three warriors and ponies were painted quite quickly, almost as silhouettes but incorporating some details and plenty of colour. Finally I did the foreground grasses and a bit more of the misty effect, this time washing in opaque white around the vegetation. I called it 'A New Dawn'
I'm pleased to say one of my regular collectors snapped this one up within 12 hours of me uploading it to Mighty Fine Art.

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