Saturday, 6 June 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

With the current economic climate and people being a little cautious about spending their money, I made a decision a little while ago to put all of my energy into marketing and promoting myself and my work. I seem to be reaping the rewards now with plenty of sales and enquiries. I'm not complaining at all, absolutely not! But of course a lot of these sales require either frames to be made or removal from frames. Then there is the packaging and posting, very time consuming. I've also run out of a lot of my most popular prints and so have been preparing images to go off to the printers to get new prints made. (Once ready I'll put some up on here) I've been preparing for exhibitions, creating more on-line galleries and registering with various index sites. Then, last week, my PC was infected with a virus, I suspect it came from Facebook. Being a bit of a computer muppet this took 2 full days for me to sort out, just what I needed (NOT!) really frustrating but all is well now. So, I haven't had time to create any new work lately. I started a new painting just over a week ago and put about 6 hours into it. Since then I haven't stopped and it's had to be put away as I have 3 commissions awaiting my attention. So my point is? Working so hard on promotion has really paid off but given me no time to create new work. There must be a balance there somewhere but I've not found it yet. I'm sure a lot of my friends think I just sit and paint all day, I wish..............

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