Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Long Shot

For fellow dog lovers, here is my latest watercolour painting, completed this week. I am always fascinated by the diversity of the dog breeds to be found on my walks. When you see a miniature dachshund closely followed by a couple of South African Ridgebacks, as I did last week, it's hard to believe they are even the same species. So I chose here to portray a lovely old basset, surrounded by a whippet, a greyhound and a lurcher.
I chose to start with one of my trademark soft and colourful backgrounds which I achieve by soaking the paper, feeding in several washes of colour (in this case raw sienna, prussian blue, ultramarine violet and a little burnt sienna) then covering with a sheet of scrunched up cling film until dry. Then I applied more glazes of colour around where the dogs legs would be before 'lifting out' with a clean wet brush, rock shapes and grasses. Then going in with stronger mixes to bring the stones etc to life.
Next I painted in the dogs, one at a time. There is quite a lot of detail in the faces, not so much in the bodies to avoid getting too fiddly.

Lastly I painted in the shadows, foreground grasses and stones to end up with the painting you see here. It's 23 x 14 inches on Stonehenge paper.

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Good strong painting,with a Bark.
Just fantastic.