Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Drove to Chilford Hall to collect my pictures from the Cambridge Art Fair this afternoon., who were showing my work along with 11 other artists, disappointingly only sold 6 paintings from their stand. Fortunately one was mine (Primeval Spirit, shown here) so worth while doing the show.

It was funny, I took my big GSD Murphy with me to collect the pics. I parked in the quite large car park adjacent to a field. After loading up I took him for a romp around the field before setting off home. Heading back toward the car, I got chatting to another artist. I turned around and Murph was gone. As you can see from this photo of part of my garden, he likes to get involved. I just spotted a large ginger tail disappearing into the exhibition hall. I can just imagine how he was thinking 'What was he doing in that building for so long, better go look'. Anyway as I walked up there he came back out with a big smile on his face, closely followed by some rather nervous looking artists who looked like they had just had a near death experience. (perhaps they did, or was that just the sound of bubblewrap I could hear)

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There is no horsing around with color on this painting,it is well placed and sure footed.