Thursday, 2 July 2009


Back to my native american series, I find they usually tend to use a similar pallette so I thought I'd add a bit more colour to this one. It concentrates more on the light and the autumnal colours of the leaves on the small tree.

I've used the clingfilm technique again here but just for the rocks which gives a nice foreground effect this time. I've gone for quite a bit of detail on the clothing too. For my pony, as usual I have based him on one of those in the paddocks behind where I live, just changing the markings a little and making sure the light direction is right. I want a warm glow coming directly from the right of the composition. The final result I think works really well, going from the darks and strong colours on the left and fading out toward the light, giving the effect of a low morning sun (without actually having any sky)

Click image for a larger view of the finished painting

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