Tuesday, 14 July 2009

When The Wind Blows

Click picture to go to Mighty Fine Art website I Haven't had my charcoal pencils out for so long, I'd forgotten how lovely they are to use. That silky smooth stroke as they lay down the rich black lines is very satisfying. Measuring 20 x 15 inches, I did this one on Stone henge paper which has a slight texture so there is an almost sparkly effect on the horse where flecks of white paper show through.

I didn't want this effect on the girls face so used graphite pencils and light blending with a colour shaper for the skin areas.
Although I use Ghiant spray sealant to fix my charcoal work, they're still a little fragile so I've framed this one straight away. I've double mounted with white over charcoal black and used lightweight and safe Styrene plastic glass for this with an antiqued speckled silver frame for a nice contemporary look.

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