Friday, 7 August 2009

As One Door Closes................

Well, it’s with great regret that I’ve decided to sever my association with the on-line gallery ‘Minigallery’ when my subscription runs out at the end of September. Having been a loyal member since 2004, I’ve enjoyed a lot of business success, made many friends and gained many followers during my time with them. However recent times have seen such a deteriation in the attitude of the proprietors to their paying customers, ie. the artists, that I feel I must join the long list of people who have refused to accept it and walked. It appears that the site’s priority now is all about getting the money in, (the rash of ugly adverts recently added to the home page backs this up) with little regard to their paying members. I could go into details but this isn’t really the place, I’ll just say that the worst problem in my opinion is their refusal to respond to emails and to react to any sort of criticism or complaint by banishing the artist instantly from the site. Having tried over several weeks to get information regarding changing my membership level only to get the silent treatment, I’ve had enough. Common politeness would mean at least an acknowledgement and no good business would treat their clientelle this way, after all they are one of the most expensive sites to be on. The deterioration in membership numbers would appear to reflect their poor business practices too, going from 500-600 UK members when I joined to less than 140 at this moment, another good reason for me to leave. I prefer to work with people on their way up, not on their way down.

There are plenty of other excellent on-line galleries to be on, most of which display the artists work to much greater effect, go out of there way to deal with and resolve any issues put to them quickly and in a friendly manner, work hard on the artists behalf to ensure that their work is seen by as many people as possible and also cost far less for an annual subscription.

So having recently joined Paul Griggs’s excellent ‘Best Selling Art’ site as well as ‘Artgallery’, I’ve spent the last week populating my new gallery on Ros Callender’s ‘Affordable British Art’ . Ros is an ex-minigallery member who I’ve known for a long time. A great example of how an on-line gallery might treat it’s members, she actually opened up two extra categories in the ‘Browse By Genre’ option to accomodate my Western and Native American art, as well as a separate category for my new book. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a member and expect a long and successful relationship.

So, along with my own ‘Mighty Fine Art’ website, these three sites will now be my main galleries to display on-line in the UK from now on, along with several others abroad such as Rosie Harper’s ‘Art Buy Web’ in NZ and a few other sites in the USA where I market my prints over there.

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