Thursday, 15 October 2009

Back To Basics

To take a break from the intensely detailed work I've been creating lately, I decided to spend some time practicing my basic watercolour techniques. So each day this week I've produced a small traditional watercolour painting, using a fairly loose style and with lovely diffused washes. Each of these took about 2 hours. I've put them all up for sale on the Mighty Fine Art website at quite low prices. Above is a simple beach scene, the sea defence groynes on the beach at Southwold. Incorporating a bit of surf to liven up a lovely calm composition with some nice subtle washes in the sand.
This is the lighthouse at Orford Ness. I wanted to practice a stormy, threatening sky

Above is Herringfleet Mill, a drainage mill situated right up on the North Suffolk border deep in the Broads. An impression of the richly coloured reed beds very warmly lit by a late afternoon sun.
Here is a scene I see most mornings while out walking the dog first thing. The background here is what I was after, using diffused washes with very little in the way of detail giving a sense of distance. Coupled with the bright light effect on the horses this composition works well.

An abandoned boat just along the River Blyth near Southwold harbour. Painted as loosely as possible with some simple water reflections and again a lovely watercolour sky.


Tina Ashton said...

Peter, These are just lovely and I have just had to buy one! Loved the lighthouse at Orford Ness so have just made the purchase online. Will look forward to seeing it and be pleased to own an original at last! Wonderful work. Tina.

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Tina. I'll get it in the post 1st thing Monday and hopefully beat the postal strike! Regards. Pete