Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Wild Bunch

Another large pencil work on Stonehenge paper. Measuring 27 x 11 inches, this time more of a panarama. I found a lovely photograph of these five otters, two adults and 3 kittens, in the Wetcanvas reference library. It was taken at Chester zoo as was the previous one I used for 'Pride'. I decided to put the otters in wild scenery by a waterfall under a dark and dramatic sky.
There is an immense amount of detail in this, in the background as well as the subjects. I tried not to make the background overpower the main subjects with too much detail so was careful with my tonal values and made good use of strong light effects to bring it all to life.


Janice Foley said...

Hi Peter from a fellow mini g member. This is a lovely piece of work. I have always admired your Native American work but I really like this. Hope it is ok to follow you
Jan Foley

Peter Williams said...

Hi Janice, thanks for the comment and please do follow! I try to update regularly if I have new work or something I want to say. I'm no longer on MG but do remember seeing some of your work on there.

Ron said...

You do some very beautiful work! Very nice blog and website as well. I'll be checking in over here often to see what you've been working on. Ron

Peter Williams said...

Welcome Ron.