Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This was fun to do. I recently sold a similar piece (although double the size and on canvas board) which is going off to Canada. It was one we had chosen to hang in our lounge until it sold so it is one we do miss having.

I haven't had a lot of time to produce new work this past week or so therefore I decided to create a similar but smaller version (16 x 14 inches watercolour on paper)

It's quite liberating to work on something semi abstract for a change. Once the shapes are roughly mapped out I let the paint do the work, just choosing colours and letting them diffuse, creating texture by dropping in extra water or paint as the washes dry, just seeing what happens and taking advantage of the effects that happen with my fine brushes.

The result looks really pleasing now it's framed and hanging in a smaller space in the lounge. Available for sale on the Mighty Fine Art website.


Beryl said...

I love the colours in your latest picture and prefer the smaller version particularly as it has been so sympathetically mounted and framed.

Ron said...

These are great, Peter!

Aitch said...

I love these, Peter.

Peter Williams said...

Thanks. Aitch, you should have a go, I think they would suit your style of painting well.