Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Where's it Gone?

I don't know if any Royal Mail employees read my blog. I'm not even sure if any of them can read at all! But I have a question. How the hell do you manage to 'lose' a parcel in transit from Suffolk to Hampshire. I mean, it was about 2 feet by 18 inches so hardly likely to have slipped down the back of your seat. It had on one of my A4 size address labels. BIG writing, which also has a return address printed on it too, so in the event you couldn't find your way to Hampshire, you could at least have brought the parcel back home. I took the parcel, containing one of my original paintings, to the post office personally where it was weighed and priced by the lady behind the counter, so I know the correct postage was paid. I saw it go into the back room with all of the other parcels having been assured it would be delivered within 2 working days. Oh dear! it snowed. So flipping what! I wouldn't mind if it was delayed a day or two, but it's been a month now. All it had to do is go in a van to the sorting office, then a train or another van to another sorting office, then out for delivery. How hard can it be! Answers on a postcard please (actually, better use email unless you feel particularly lucky). So if by chance anyone spots this painting up for sale anywhere, or on ebay perhaps, please let me know.I usually always use a courier for anything valuable, just this once it was so much more convenient for me to use the PO. Never again!

Thank you, rant over and I feel a little better now.


Pat said...

That's a nightmare - and your favourite watercolour too!
Can't they track it?

Peter Williams said...

Thankfully it turned up! It had been overlooked at the sorting office (that's a lot of overlooking!). My customer is delighted and so am I.