Friday, 19 February 2010

Creatures Of The Deep

After completing the triptych entitled 'Ancient Things' I hadn't intended to do any more in this series for now. But for some reason I woke up with the idea of a sea horse in my mind and so had to give that a go. Like the previous paintings it's watercolour and quite small at 8 x 6 inches. Personally I think this one turned out the best of the series.

To accompany it I based my second painting on an old lobster shell I picked up on the beach. 

Finally I framed them together to match my triptych 'Ancient Things'. They make a very attractive pair of companion pieces available for sale on Mighty Fine Art 


Pat said...

That seahorse is stunning. Absolutely stunning.
Fair took my breath away.

Ron said...

These are fantastic! And they make a great pair framed together.

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Ron, I'll be sorry to see these go. Presently they hang in my downstairs cloakroom and really suit the space.

Peter Williams said...

Pat, the seahorse seems to be the favorite. I've had a couple of inquiries for it on it's own but, now it's framed alongside it's companion, that's the way it has to stay.

Pat said...

I'm not surprised its the favourite, and you've had enquiries for it alone- it is stunning.

With my humour, I'd tell the same price and say they are getting the lobster free :)