Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just want to say thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes to me for Sunday just gone. I don't think I have ever had so many.

I've been a little unwell lately, having had to have a tooth removed which then turned nasty, giving me a face like a demented hamster for a few days and making it difficult to enjoy doing anything. Still, with my favorite 'Toad In The Hole' for dinner (my American friends will just have to wonder
what that is!) followed by lashings of red wine and finishing off with a couple of single malts, the day wasn't too bad. I'm much better today and getting on with a new painting.

Preparations are going well for my forthcoming exhibition which takes up most of my time. It's a good few weeks to go yet but there is so much to do and I like to spread the work out rather than have one big rush at the end.

The venue I chanced upon by luck when I called in to a new florists in the High Street to buy a bouquet of flowers on Jenny's birthday. I got chatting to the proprietor, the lovely Karen and just happened to ask what her plans were for the adjoining space which used to be a coffee bar and now is just full of odds and ends. When I suggested renting it out to local artists as a gallery space, she agreed this was an idea she had been mulling over. So 'In Like Flynn' Williams jumped in with both feet and I will be her first artist, with a week in March.

With there being nothing in place just yet to help display the art, I started by looking and asking around for any old display easels I could buy cheaply. Then, as luck would have it, I was walking through Aldeburgh High Street past a posh gallery where I spotted a load of old easels put outside for sale. I went in and made an offer, job done! I'm beginning to think this exhibition was just meant to be!

Next I contacted the local press and the editor of the Town Telegraph has agreed to do an article about me and my art with photographs in the March issue. I've written the article myself and will be meeting with her in the gallery nearer the time for a chat and to finalise it.

I've also designed a nice poster and had some A3 copies printed with a load of smaller flyers too. I'll have a good cross section of all of my different art, but as I will be predominantly featuring my pencil artwork I'm calling my exhibition 'Fade To Black' after one of my recent pieces and using it in the design. These will go up a couple of weeks before the show to hopefully get people to come over from the surrounding area. Leiston isn't what you would call a very arty town, there aren't any other galleries at all but places like Aldeburgh are choc full of them. People have to come to Leiston though for shopping, banking, petrol etc. so hopefully if I can get the word out enough, they will call in to browse.

So now it's down to lots of framing, creating a few new pieces, making up the pricing labels etc. I'm confident I have got plenty of pictures to go in. The last 'one man show' I did, I didn't have such a large body of work available. Sods law, just before the show, a buyer from America bought 17 originals! Now I was overjoyed to have such a massive sale but of course it left me in a mad panic and I had to bring out the 'B' team of paintings to fill up the venue.
Anyway, if any of my friends happen to be in the area then please call in for a chat. I might even put the kettle on.


Pat said...

A very happy birthday to you and good luck with the exhibition.
Will tell my friend in Felixstowe who is very into pencils - she'd love it :)

Aitch said...

Good luck with this exhibition, Peter, sounds like a lovely venue.

Peter Williams said...

Thanks, I should come up smelling of roses, literally, even if nothing sells.

mike finley said...

Good Luck with the exhibition Peter!