Friday, 26 February 2010

The Sunshine Of Your Love (session 4)

Today was about getting as near completion on the face as possible. In the past I've avoided as much as possible having an open mouthed smile in my portraits. It's a difficult thing to do well (for me anyway) and usually ends up looking like some demented bugs bunny character. But I wanted a change from the usual soulful, pouting or lovelorn looks. The model in this reference has such a happy and natural smile that it's well worth attempting. Nothing wrong with a bit of happiness for a change, anyone can do sad!

Now the face is nearly finished, I didn't want to over blend it. Some of the female portraits I see, although well executed technically, can look a bit plasticky because of over blending. So just a bit of tidying up to do.

It will be a couple of days until my next chance to work on this. I will be working on the upper area of clothing before I complete the hair. It'll be a lot easier doing it that way around. With the use of shadows I can get the hair to look like it's sitting on top of the clothing.

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