Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Sunshine Of Your Love (session 5)

She's coming along now. As can be seen I worked today on the clothing and the hair. I've used mostly my 'B' pencil to lay down the first washes of the white blouse, then for the slightly darker tones and shadows I've use the 3B.  The same on the bodice too. 
Then I've worked on the hair, tumbling down over the bodice and blouse. As before I've made good use of the sharp 6H pencil to get the texture of the hair. Also quite a bit with the 6B for the darkest tones. On the lower neck area I've been very careful to graduate the wash down to the neckline of the blouse and put in some faint shadows cast by the sun shining through the locks of hair onto the neck area. 

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