Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fade To Black Exhibition

Well my exhibition begins this week, preparations are complete at last. I've spent today taking down the pictures from our walls that are going in to the show. Making up an inventory, finalising pricing and preparing the labels. I have over 50 original framed artworks to display. I'm also taking about 25 unframed giclee prints to go in browsers. I've packed up the boxes ready to go in the van tomorrow, but now I can't lift any of them!

The venue is looking good now it's an empty space and the walls have been prepared for hanging.

I've painted up my display stands and easels, well pleased with them I am.

The publicity seems to have worked, I was featured in 3 local papers and my posters are spread all around the area. Most people I have spoken to on my walks now seem to know about me. I've been pleasantly surprised how many businesses have obliged by having a poster on display in their premises or window. From Sizewell cafe to The Meare Cafe at Thorpeness, the Aldeburgh bakery, bookshops, post offices, you name it. I even had an email from a gallery in Woodbridge, the proprietor having seen me in the local rag and asking if I'd like to send a poster to be displayed in the gallery.

I've had people publicising the exhibition on their own websites and blogs and I've been banging on about it to everyone I've spoken to.

So I don't see as there is much more I could do to make it a success. I just hope I get some people turn up!

I'll be posting photographs of the show once it's all set up.


Pat said...

Wish you every success with the exhibition!
Look forward to the glowing reports :)

Andrea Farmer said...

Good luck! I look forward to seeing the photos. :)