Monday, 5 April 2010

Soldiering On............

Well, Easter came and I was feeling a little rough by Good Friday, I think I picked up a chest infection of some sort during my exhibition the week before and it steadily got worse. But I'd already committed to do these craft fairs so had to soldier on. The first was at Saxmundham Market Hall. I'd not been before so had just booked a small pitch to see how it went. Well, although only a half day affair it was a resounding success with plenty of sales. To top it off they booked me to do a full exhibition in the Summer during their festival. This will be free for me with just a 10% commission to pay on any sales made. Can't be bad!

A take away Vindaloo finished off the day and perked me up a bit

Next day it was another early start and off to Aldeburgh. The Jubilee Hall is right close to the beach at Aldeburgh. I was feeling even worse and by the time I'd set up my pitch (a double pitch this time) I was feeling exhausted, shivvery and couldn't stop coughing. Then they opened the doors and the wind came in, directly off the North Sea onto my stand. Great! The day was an ordeal for me. Even though there were some good sales (prints) to make it worth while, I was glad to get home. Had a few glasses of red wine before bed. (medicinal you understand)

Up early on Easter Monday for the second day at Aldeburgh I really didn't fancy it at all. I made some more print sales though and to cheer myself up I thought I (with Jenny) would go around the other stalls and spend some of my hard earned money on something nice. We met a man called Thomas Jones (it's not unusual) from Kessingland who does amazing things with wood. He had on display some wonderful hand carved sculptures of birds and other creatures, but we fell in love with this scallop bowl and made an offer for it. It measures about 16 inches across and is so beautifully tactile I can't stop handling it. Maggie Hambling eat your heart out! It's a shame he doesn't have a web site as I'd like to plug it to all of my e-friends.

Exhausted again by the end of the day and feeling terrible, I'm really glad it's all over. Such a shame the weekend was spoiled by my bad health but I survived and looking back it was well worth persevering. Tomorrow I have a routine checkup for my dickie-ticker at the hospital and then it's back to normal routine and I will start on the first of a few commissions I have lined up.

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efikim said...

as someone who use to live on the East Anglian coast (Gorleston-on-Sea) I can sympathise with "the wind came in, directly off the North Sea"!

Hope you recover soon!

(personally, I prefer white to red!)