Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tiger Portrait Finished!

'A Shadow Falls' 16 x 16 inches pencil on Stonehenge paper.

Well, I got it finished today after all. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out in the end.

Using Stonehenge paper with it's subtle texture allows me to work a bit more loosely and with much deeper tones than the Bristol board I often use. Therefore I think this portrait is a bit more dramatic than the absolute photorealism I sometimes go for.

I wanted something to act as a centre piece and to make a good impact at my next exhibition, now that my 'Pride' drawing has gone. I think, once framed, that this will fit the bill.


Pat said...

Love the pensive feeling in this portrait.

mooaany said...

This is so beautiful and truly portrays the majesty of this amazing creature! said...

stunning work

Sophie said...

Oh wow, that will surely make an impact at your exhibition! You do amazing work, especially the graphite stuff.