Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Tiger Portrait

I've been struggling with this portrait for the past week or so. I can't seem to get it to flow like I usually do. I'm still a bit under the weather with bronchitis so I'll put it down to that. I've nearly given up with it a couple of times, but now I have put so many hours in I will definitely be persevering. It's just that I keep finding excuses to go do something else.

You can see from this picture what a dirty corner of the studio this is when I've been doing a lot of pencil work. There is graphite dust all over the floor, up the wall and all over the furniture. When this one is complete I intend to have a good Spring clean, maybe even repaint the walls!

A little bit further on and as you can see from this shot I work with very basic equipment. No fancy clutch pencils and the like for me. Just a selection of good quality wood encased pencils (Faber Castell my preferred choice), a Stilo, some putty rubbers and some rolled up bits of card and paper to use for blending stumps. On the desk is my little pestle and mortar where I collect the graphite sharpenings which I grind up and use to lay down washes for backgrounds or under drawing before the detail goes in. Then there are old brushes, craft knives, odds and ends really. A daylight lamp and my trusty Giant pencil sharpener completes the 'equipment' Perhaps one day I'll treat myself to some decent stuff, I may perhaps get a bit better at this drawing malarky then.

I do have a very good quality leather chair to sit on though. Spending so many hours poring over my drawing board it's an absolute must! and I nearly forgot, a decent CD player is essential. Can't work without my music.

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