Sunday, 23 May 2010

Desperado, a new pencil work.

Desperado... a bold desperate outlaw.

It's hard to find an animal more persecuted than wolves.

Just recently in the USA the Grey Wolf has been removed from the endangered species list after 30 years of successful protection and population growth. It means they can be hunted, shot and killed for sport the minute they step out of Yellowstone park just as soon as the affected states establish their hunting season. A big step backwards in my opinion. They were re-introduced to control the population of Elk and Bison which had exploded due to their main natural predator being hunted close to extinction. Now it's back to Wolf extermination with a vengeance, shameful and disgusting.

This latest pencil work measures 16.5 x 21 inches and is available for sale directly from the Mighty Fine Art website.


Kos said...

Amazing! And I agree about the hunting issue too!

Art & Words by Wy said...

Wow Peter! That is GORGEOUS! I love the composition - so moving. I also agree on the hunting issue.