Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Up A Gum Tree

Before starting this drawing I did a bit of research to see how other artists have handled drawing a Koala. I could see it was going to be quite challenging as they don't have the type of fur I'm used to drawing. Nor is it long hair but instead a sort of thick wool going in all directions. I was unable to find any good pencil drawings of Koala except for a beautiful one by Doreen Cross of Dors Art which featured the the face but not an entire body composition. After getting stuck into this I can see why there aren't many, very laborious indeed! 

I did enjoy putting in the tree and foliage though, and went for a composition involving quite a bit of space at the bottom which I think works well. This is a very large piece for me ( 14.5 x 26 inches) and took a lot of time to complete.
It's much more impressive now that it's mounted and framed to a total size of 34 x 22.5 inches and should look good in my forthcoming exhibition in Aldeburgh at the end of July. That will be in the Cinema Gallery which is quite a large, airy space with a very high ceiling so a few larger works will serve to help make a decent show alongside some of my medium sized and smaller works. I've put it up for sale on the Mighty Fine Art website but hopefully I'll still have it for my exhibition!


Tina Ashton said...

Pete you have nailed it with a truly stunning artwork! You seem to get better and better with every new creation, and just when I think you cannot possibly get better you pull another amazing one out of the bag! In my opinion you are most definitely one of the UK's best wildlife artists. An outstanding study, beautiful contrasts and fine mark making which go beyond perfection. And after all those comments I still feel speechless!!

Laura said...

Beautiful drawing! I too work in pencil and can just imagine the number of hours that must have gone into a piece this size - it's huge:D Do you use graphite powder at all?

Peter Williams said...

Thankyou Tina, you make me blush again!

Laura, yes I do use graphite powder which I salvage from my pencil sharpenings, to lay down large washes before going in with the detail.

Andrea Farmer said...

Amazing! You must have such patience Peter. You actually want to reach out and stroke the Koala's fur - it looks so real. As ever, I am in awe! ;)