Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bird Brain

Progress has stalled a bit with this latest pencil work of mine. Yesterday I had to stop because it was far to hot and humid to work. Today I've been doing a craft fair In Saxmundham before spending some time out walking on the beach with Murphy, so no progress yet today. I hope to get some work done tomorrow, all being well. Meanwhile I thought I'd record my progress so far here on my blog.
Above was the state of play after day one, mainly spent planning and drawing my initial sketch before starting with the background which is very dark. I'm going for a high contrast on this piece so layered up using B, 3B, 6B and 8B grade pencils.

Day 2 saw quite a bit of progress on the beak mainly. It has a lot of texture and markings so was great fun to draw, if a little time consuming. Although it looks random, the background has been planned quite carefully to allow dark against light where possible to make sure the subject stands out well, giving depth and a bit more impact.
A little more done but at this point I had to stop because of the heat. Sweaty hands and graphite don't mix and I was having to stop too often to wash and dry my hands, frustrating but no rush!

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