Monday, 19 July 2010

The Carnival Is Over..........

I just spent a very pleasant weekend at Stowmarket Carnival. Stowmarket is about an hour's drive in-land from my home in Suffolk, I've never been there before and wasn't sure what to expect. I'd loaded up the van Friday night ready to roll so it wasn't too early a start as I set off Saturday morning, arriving at the recreation ground at about 8 o'clock to a hive of activity. I could see it was going to be quite a big event with dozens of gazebo's and marquee's going up, surrounding a large event arena. There was a big fun-fair, a massive beer tent and music stage for the live bands to perform on during the evening.

I set up my art display of about 20 framed pictures plus 50 or so unframed prints in my allocated space in a small marquee, then settled down for some serious people watching.
There were a few heavy rain showers to start and consequently not a lot happened during the rest of the morning, a few browsers and people to chat to but I was beginning to think it might be a disappointing turn out. However I needn't have worried! Just after lunch the carnival arrived followed by literally thousands of people who had obviously been lining the streets of the town to watch it go by.
I didn't do a lot of business on Saturday. Despite hundreds of people browsing which was good, with me nearly losing my voice because of the amount of talking, there wasn't any sales to be had although I got through a lot of business cards and directed everyone to my website so you never know how much it will pay off long term. Never mind, I enjoyed the arena displays. There was a karate demonstration, dancers, a great motorcycle stunt show, a dog obedience display, a strong man act......all sorts really. I was kept entertained until about !7:30 when I packed up and went home.

Upon arrival Sunday I was allocated a different space in my own gazebo where I was able to organise myself a bit better. The sun came out and the day was a real scorcher. Time to break out the Williams legs again and I donned my shorts and Jesus boots for the day. A totally different crowd came to see a massive display of classic cars, bikes, off roaders, military vehicles. A brilliant display which I thoroughly enjoyed and footfall was more constant all day long. Thankfully I made numerous sales so the day was much more of a success for me. Great! I will be able to eat this week after all!

There was also a stand occupied by the Wild Encounters people with their reptiles and other exotic creatures. Funny this artist malarkey, you never know who you're going to meet! I couldn't resist and found myself getting intimately acquainted with a beautiful Royal Python called Sam.

Later in the day, in the marquee next to my gazebo there was a pet show. I've never seen so many dogs in one place....pandemonium! but great fun.

So, a long weekend and I'm a bit frazzled today from too much sun. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and will hopefully be doing it again next year.

Now I have to get ready for my own exhibition which I'll be setting up Thursday evening in Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery, details to follow.

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