Friday, 30 July 2010

Well, That's July Done!

It's been a busy month with not much spare time to add to my blog. The exhibition in the Cinema Gallery in Aldeburgh is finished now and was certainly successful enough to have made it well worth while. It was a relatively large outlay for me to rent the gallery and you never really know if you are going to come unstuck or not and worryingly the footfall was a lot less than I expected, especially seeing as the school holidays started the same week. The gallery is a bit away from the busy town centre and the fact that it is on the first floor means people have to make a conscious effort to come in rather than fall in off the street. However it does mean that those people who do come in are actually interested and therefore sales were quite high, thankfully.

'A Flash Of Brilliance' was one of the first to sell. I was a little sad to see that one go as it's quite a new one but dead chuffed to sell several older pieces which had been hanging about for a while too.

I'm always pleased to see how much interest the Western art generates as it's a bit different from what is usually on show around this area.

This week the pencil work also seemed very popular which has inspires me to do more. (When I get time)

Boy! do I get bored though. Sitting there with all of my paintings and drawings staring back at me all day long. I can always think of so many other things I'd rather be doing, places I'd rather be. But it's all part of the job I guess, albeit a part I don't relish. So it was great to see so many friends come in over the weekend, especially those who had traveled a  long way and made a day of it. I also met several of my 'Face Book' friends for the first time which was great and made the week all the more enjoyable.

I'm not the world's most confident man and talking about my own work is always a bit difficult for me, let alone trying to clinch sales, I could do with someone handling that side of things for me! During a break I wandered up the road and into another High Street gallery to see how things were going. There was a joint exhibition on by a couple of London based artists who were not present, but their posh dealer/agent was really giving out the patter. I was in awe of the 'art speak' she was so expertly spouting. I'll never be able to do that (and actually I don't want to) but I guess that's what it takes to command those sorts of prices. I wonder if others here would prefer to be left entirely alone to browse in peace or whether it's expected that you get mugged by a Camilla Parker-Bowles look-alike and end up going home with something you had no intention of buying.

The final sale of the week was to a man from Minnesota who bought my 'Caesar Of The Wilderness' pencil portrait, so that one will be heading off to the States with it's new owner sometime soon.

 Having spent today unloading the van and storing away the pictures again, I have a couple of days rest before my 2 fantastic grandsons arrive with my daughter for their Summer holiday. I'm looking forward to that a lot but it means I won't get time to create any new work while they're here. Then I have 2 craft fairs to do before packing up the van again and putting on a second exhibition at the Cinema Gallery starting on Friday 27th until Thursday 2nd September, taking in the August bank holiday weekend. (I booked this at short notice as there was a cancellation) Glutton for punishment I am.


Diane Jennings said...

Well done on all the sales Peter-very well deserved! Good luck with your craft fairs-and enjoy thise little grandsons! Love Diane x

sue said...

So pleased you had a successful exhibition - your work is fantastic.

Know exactly what you mean about self-promotion. On the few occasions I've 'done' art fairs/exhibitions I've set up a laptop slideshow and put hubby 'up front' to talk to the peeps, whilst I get on with a simple graphite drawing or something and hope not to get addressed directly

Andrea Farmer said...

Well done with the sales! Very much deserved after all your hard work. :)