Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Greetings Cards

I've now added a selection of greetings cards to the Mighty Fine Art website. I'm selling these as a set of 8 and hope to get more sets available sometime soon.
These arrived last Friday while I was at the Southwold craft fair, so I spent most of Friday evening frantically folding and inserting (oooer missus!) so that I could display them on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm glad I made the effort though. They sold well and the fact that they have my website details on the back is great for a bit of self-promotion. Incidentally, I used the company called Centreprint to get them and I'm very pleased with the product quality and service received.

As I'm doing so many craft fairs and small events now, these will be my 'bread and butter' money when other sales are slow, hopefully enabling me to at least break even on the day.


sue said...

They look great Peter.

Thanks for the link - I've just looked at their site and its very comprehensive. Obviously it isn't critical for graphite originals, but how do you think the coloured reproductions turned out? They make a big point about colours not being as bright as the originals/onscreen versions - were you pleased with the coloured ones?

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
It seems Southwold is a great place to be! Good luck with Aldeburgh too. I'll be along to get some of those cards!