Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We'll Meet Again

Well I got this one completed sooner than expected (nothing much on telly so put in some late evenings) 
Atlantic Puffins at the end of Summer preparing to put to sea before the forthcoming Winter. Puffins are such attractive birds although deceptively hardy, the young birds once fledged can spend up to five years at sea before eventually returning to land to breed. No-one really knows where they go but they will return one Spring to the same colony.

At 21 x 13 inches, it's fairly large. There's not a lot of detail work on these birds compared to my usual more furry or close up pieces, so I spent quite a bit of time preparing the composition which I think makes this one slightly more special.

I'd hoped to get it mounted and framed today too but I'm waiting for a delivery of materials and, sods law, I've just phoned to see where they are and their van has broken down. I still have fingers crossed that I'll get the delivery later today as I've run out of white mountboard. Otherwise it's a dash to Martlesham to see if I can pick up a sheet or two from the frame-shop there.

Hoorah! As I write, the delivery has arrived! so it's off to the workshop for me this afternoon and this one will now definitely be ready for Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery set-up on Thursday evening.


sue said...

I love this group Peter - they are such comical little birds. I just read that they are known as Clowns of the Ocean (or similar) and can see why ... and that they can live to 25 years.

Amazing creatures and lovely drawing. I'm sure this will sell :o)

Carolann said...

Very best wishes for a successful exhibition in Aldeburgh.

Andrea Farmer said...

Beautiful Peter! Totally beautiful. :)