Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Another Day, Another Walk Around Aldeburgh

What a beautiful day it's been today. I started by beginning a new pencil work, a tiger portrait.

I didn't get far though, far too nice a day to stay indoors and I decided to make the most of it before the bad weather arrives. So off we trekked Murphy and I, walking out of Aldeburgh inland across the fields to the West and all around the bank of the River Deben before heading in to Aldeburgh again from the South. I decided to take along my trusty camera to get a few shots of the marshes and reed beds to use as backgrounds  for when I next get around to creating some bird life pictures.
Here's the area I mean, where at low tide these remnants of old barge moorings are exposed and the mud banks are often teeming with waterbirds such as plovers, oyster catchers and the like. I particularly like to see the Egrets and it's an Egret I'm planning to do sometime soon.

The number of shots I tried to take of these teasels, the buggers just wouldn't keep still in the breeze.

Walking further along the River bank I came across this abandoned boat. I find there's something sad about old derelict boats. A bit like cars and motorbikes, they have a character as if they have lived a life of their own, have stories they could tell. I wonder what times this little craft had before falling into disrepair and being abandoned here.

I've always loved this view of Aldeburgh from the South West as we walked back towards the sea. Being a little claustrophobic myself I get a buzz from these vast open spaces and big Suffolk skies.
So walking back into town from the South along the sea wall, the first building is this old mill which was converted to a house back in 1902 and had various extensions added in later years. I've painted this a couple of times before. I think I may do another soon. This is the view most people do.

I like the views from around the back (shame about the garage) and the North side though. With a bit of cropping I may be able to use these views.

So that was a cracking good walk and we finished off by calling in at the Cross Keys Inn for a pint of Explorer before returning home for tea.

I'll get on with my tiger drawing tomorrow all being well and post my progress here.

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sue said...

Beautiful scenery.

I haven't got a 'Murphy' but when I drag the OH out for an airing, our walks invariably take us past the Whitstable Brewery clubhouse on the beach.

Thirsty work, walking :o)

You may have Adnams, but we've got Shepherd Neame almost on our doorstep!!