Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Funny Old Day

Well, it's been a funny old day.... I woke up to yet more sales (2 from my bargain room on my website) which is nice. Next I cracked on with the painting I began yesterday, another Western/horse watercolour which I'll upload here once it's complete. I got a lot more done than I expected and just have a little fine tuning and detailing to do.

Taking a break this afternoon I went for my usual walk down the beach with Murphy. Unfortunately another dog for some reason decided to really go for Murphy. I should have let them sort themselves out but without thinking I went to break them up and this dog decided to bite me instead. So I now have a nasty puncture wound in my wrist which is aching like mad and I can't complete my painting! (or do the packaging hehehe!)


Aitch said...

Oh dear, that sounds nasty. Make sure you keep it clean and hope it doesn't get infected.

Sue said...

Seriously, you should go to the doc's with that to get some antibiotics. I speak as a microbiologist :)

Peter Williams said...

Thanks for the concern Sue. No doctors open today. But I cleaned it well and put anti-septic cream on it before a dressing. My tetanus is up to date so I should be OK.

sue said...

Oh Bummer!! Can you still raise a glass Peter??

Seriously, sorry to hear about your wrist and hope its healed enough tomorrow to enable you to crack on with some work.

Congrats on the sales too!

Anonymous said...

I blame the owners who just have no control over their dogs. Hope I don't met this one when I'm walking on the beach. Get well soon and you manage to get working again. I watch your posts with interest. Best wishes.