Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The House In The Clouds WIP

Cuh! What a week so far, weather all over the place so difficult to plan what I'm doing. I haven't had very much time to get back into my routine since packing up my exhibition last week, then a craft fair at the weekend. In the evenings there's been nothing much on the telly and I've been as bored as a kangaroo on a trampoline! So in between various jobs I've been trying to get some drawing done.

This is what's on my drawing board at the moment. A bit different to my usual subject matter for pencil, but something I wanted to attempt. Usually I'm trying to get life and movement into my work but this is a different ball game altogether, requiring quite a bit of thought. Having more or less sold out of local scenes I've decided to concentrate on them for a while as time allows, really in preparation for next years season of exhibitions locally.

I haven't had any chance to work on this today as other jobs got in the way. Hopefully tomorrow will allow me to do a bit more.

This view is in the next village along the coast from me, The House In The Clouds in Thorpeness which used to be the water tower that supplied the village. It got converted to a house when the village went onto the water mains and now it can be rented for holidays. In the right foreground will be the windmill which used to pump the water up and into the water tank.

I still have a lot of work to do on the house before moving across to the windmill. I've been concentrating on the foliage mostly, something I've not really done much of in pencil. It's proving to be very time consuming but coming along nicely. There's a lot more foliage to do in the foreground in front of the house too, which will serve to knock back the house into the middle distance and the windmill, bathed in bright light and strong shadows will become the main focus of the scene.

If this one turns out OK I have a lot more reference photographs I can use for more similar works.


Jo said...

Looking good so far Peter. What an interesting subject. We've never been to Thorpeness, must add it to the list of places to visit when we're down there.

Andrea Farmer said...

Wow, that is intricate. I look forward to seeing the finished drawing. "I've been as bored as a kangaroo on a trampoline..." LOL. I must remember that one!