Friday, 3 September 2010

If You Don't Like The Weather In Suffolk.....Wait Five Minutes!

Well, that's the exhibition in Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery over now. It was a very up and down affair, partly I think due to the weather.

As it was a bank holiday weekend to start I had hoped to be quite busy but Friday and Saturday were a complete wash out. As they say 'If you don't like the weather in Suffolk.....wait five minutes'. When the weather is a bit dull, it keeps people off the beaches and, looking for something to do they tend to wander in for a browse. Well, it all kicked off! The rain came down at times like stair rods, we had thunder and lightening, hail, wind, you name it. Nobody was venturing out at all. So by Sunday morning I was beginning to think this was going to be a complete flop. However as the weather began to improve, people at last began to emerge from their holiday accommodation.

A good barometer of how busy it's getting is the number of joggers flogging their hearts out along Crag Path between Aldeburgh and Thorpeness. Sure enough by Sunday there they were as I drove in. People jogging with confused dogs more used to a quick once around the block before work, now having to chase after their purple faced, sweat banded, gasping owners. People jogging while pushing buggies containing terrified kids, screaming at Mum to slow down before they puke up their hastily swallowed Sugar Puffs. People in strange head-gear pedaling furiously on bikes which probably haven't seen the light of day since last Summer. Absolute mayhem!

I shouldn't be so cruel, I keep repeating my new mantra....'It takes 47 muscles to frown but only 2 to pull a trigger........'

So visitors began to wander into the cinema gradually and although foot fall remained disappointing all week, (possibly because they were all too knackered to make it up the stairs to the gallery) sales were actually quite high on Sunday and bank holiday Monday. A few flurries of sales later in the week completed a rather boring but financially rewarding week long exhibition. I also picked up a couple of interesting commissions to do, just waiting for the reference material to arrive. It was also lovely to meet more Facebook friends, Joanne with husband and friends who called in to say hello while visiting the area.

I definitely will need to get some more local views and scenes done for next year though, as they've nearly all sold now. I've been avoiding doing new ones to a certain extent as I find them a bit tedious but I know they will sell well at future exhibitions and I have to earn my keep! So with that in mind I started collecting reference material to keep me busy during this coming Winter. With the weather brightening up towards the end of the week, driving in to Aldeburgh early gave me a few photo opportunities before the hordes of holiday makers and their cars arrived. Here are a few I have taken.......

I'll probably add a fishing vessel to this beach scene with the 2 anchors (don't say that too quickly) in the foreground.

Some colourful rowing boats on Thorpeness Meare

This is the view of Thorpeness Meare from the road, I painted this view once before but have lost my images so will probably do it again. I also want to try a few of the unusual buildings in Thorpeness but in this space!

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