Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Last Chance To See..........completed

...at last! I'm quite pleased with the end result. After close on 30 hours work it's just as well. Today I spent a couple of hours finishing off the bottom right corner then going over the entire drawing, refining and darkening some of the shadow side and generally tidying it up. I still wish I had made more effort to get the whiskers a bit brighter but it's the best I could do. A slightly wider indentation was required....I'll remember next time.
 11.5 x 16 inches pencil on Bristol board. Reference courtesy of Cathy Sheeter via the Wet Canvas reference library. I'm off to frame it shortly and it will soon be available for sale via the Mighty Fine Art website.


Andrea Farmer said...

'Quite pleased with the end result'??? You are too modest Mr Williams. LOL. Superb drawing. :)

sue said...

Absolutely stunning Peter ... the fur detail is superb. Will you be entering this for any of the Wildlife Artist exhibitions/competitions next year?

Peter Williams said...

Thanks! Sue, it's possible. Just depends if I still have it when time to enter, or what else I have.