Thursday, 23 September 2010

Last Chance To See....part 2

Quite a bit more done on my tiger today. Managed to get as far as putting one eye in but had to stop at that point as my hand is seizing up! Very hard work this is but I must persevere as I think it's going to turn out OK eventually.

Incidentally the working title I have chosen for this portrait (not sure if I'll keep it or not) is after the superb Stephen Fry series of the same name where he went out and tracked down species all over the world that are on the verge of extinction. With the current state of the wild tiger population I thought it an apt title for this piece.


sue said...

It'll turn out more than 'OK'

In your previous post you mentioned using your stylo - what's a stylo? is it an indenting tool?


Peter Williams said...

Yes, that's right Sue. Not sure what to call it but mine has Stylo written on the side. It's a wooden handle with a metal pin with a rounded off point sticking out each end (2 sizes) Some people use old empty biro's or cocktail sticks or knitting needles. I expect you have your own version.

sue said...

Thanks for clarifying Peter.

I do have a set of indenting thinggies (bought from the NEC a couple of years back) but I don't do a lot of graphite work nowadays so they get used more for digging out pastel/coloured pencil points which get broken off in desktop pencil sharpener!!

I hope to do a few more graphite drawings once the Christmas commission schedule is finished.

Your tiger is looking fantastic :o)