Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Last Chance To in progress part 1

Yesterday I started a new pencil drawing, a tiger portrait. I didn't get much done yesterday, just the initial outline sketch and some of the tiger's body which forms most of the background. I am keeping the body and rest of the background blurry to give the effect of being out of focus. This will make the face and main features of the tiger stand out more as they will be finely detailed. I'm working from a reference photograph from the Wetcanvas reference library kindly provided by ace photographer and fellow artist Cathy Sheeter. Thanks again Cathy....

Today I was able to work quite a bit more on it and have now almost completed the ears and top of the head. The ears I always find tricky because of the different types of hair, fur and whiskers often going in different directions. So a lot of care has been taken with them, firstly pre-drawing with my stylo before building up the different tones with pencils ranging from HB to 6B  I will be going over and refining what I've done so far when I start again tomorrow.

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