Thursday, 7 October 2010

Heaven In Hell's Valley

Here is my latest pencil work, a large pencil portrait of a Snow Monkey or Japanese Macaque, relaxing in a hot, steamy volcanic pool. It's fairly large at 21 x 15 inches.

The Japanese Macaque is the most northerly-living non-human primate, living in mountainous areas of HonshÅ«, Japan. It survives winter temperatures below -15 °C (5° F), and is perhaps most famous for the amount of time it spends relaxing in naturally heated volcanic hot springs. The Yokoyu River valley, which flows down from Shiga Kogen is at an elevation of 850 meters, the area is called "Hell's Valley" due to the steep cliffs and hot water steaming out from the earth's surface. It's a fairly harsh environment in winter with snow on the ground for a third of the year, but it is also a paradise for the couple of hundred monkeys that live there.


sue said...

What an unusual one Peter ... monkey in his very own hot tub! Beautifully drawn water and wet monkey fur - and that look of bliss on his face :o)

Angela Samson said...

You have captured the wet fur perfectly Peter. A very nice piece!