Sunday, 17 October 2010

On The Drawing Board

I've been working away at this new tiger portrait this week, in very small sessions as we have a new puppy in the household and he (little Leon) is taking up quite a bit of my time as well as being quite distracting. I'm working from several different reference photographs, the main one having been selected from the collection of Cathy Sheeter in the Wet Canvas reference library. I'm thinking though of having this tiger swimming, so the bottom part of the face will be wet fur and there will be some water reflections in the lower part of the drawing. I think the night sky I have produced is also going to work well.

This is going to take the best part of the next week to complete. Meanwhile, here are a couple of shots of young Leon. He is 17 weeks old, half chocolate lab and half Dalmatian. His previous owner found that her two big dogs couldn't get on with him so we offered to take him on. So far so good, Murphy is keeping him in his place but tolerating him quite well.


sue said...

Love Leon!!
I guess the chest colour is his dalmation inheritance?

A friend phoned on Friday to say she has just got a 9 week old chocolate lab bitch (who isn't being tolerated very well by her 'spoilt' staffy - who needs to take lessons from Murphy obviously) so I need to get round and take photos before she grows up too much :o)

Oh, and the tiger is looking good too. Lends itself to a swimming theme with that head position I think.

Peter Williams said...

I think it is Sue. He seems more Dalmatian than Lab, despite the colouring, both in physique and temperament. I think he might be part Piranha too!

Andrea Farmer said...

Awwwh, Leon is gorgeous! I especially love the photo of him and Murphy. Love the new drawing too. :)

Wendy Mould said...

Great tiger. We have a new puppy in our life too and boy they can really keep you busy but it is all worth it. They will soon be great little companies.

Anonymous said...

Leon will soon be accepted as the new member of the pack! When I see you all on the beach I will say hello and introduce you to my GSD.
The artwork is coming along nicely.