Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Affordable British Art

So far this month (that's just over 3 weeks) I'm pleased to say I have made 7 on-line sales, 5 originals and 2 prints. 5 of them came via the on-line gallery Affordable British Art. That can't be bad, well worth the annual subscription fee in my opinion. Thank you and well done to my friend Ros who runs the site and long may it continue.

 A Place To Be Free
In The Swim
Kicking Up A Storm

 High Country


Above are the ones sold from ABA. As you can see there is quite a variation in genre and subject matter. I'd recommend the site to anyone (British) who wants to sell their art on line.

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Diane Jennings said...

WOW well done Peter--Ros's site is brilliant--well run-and easy to naviagte for us artists and buyers alike--it pays for itself with just one sale-and Ive had lots of sales through there-long may your sales continue--Di x