Wednesday, 3 November 2010

In The Swim

I've had my watercolour paints out this week. Based on a reference photograph from the Paint My Photo reference library, this painting took about 8 hours start to finish. I've tried to keep the gravelly bottom of the stream semi abstract and blurry in places, the Koi carp are much sharper although in places their edges blend into the background. Then with the addition of some dilute white gouache paint swirls I've given the impression of it all being below the surface of the clear water.

This painting will soon be framed and for sale on the Mighty Fine Art website


Aitch said...

Is there nothing you can paint? I love this, Peter! said...


Anonymous said...

Peter I love your Blog and your fabulous artwork. So interesting reading about how you've done some parts of the paintings and seeing them in stages. I'm really enjoying myself here.
your Aussie pmp pal