Thursday, 25 November 2010

Reference photographs

People may have noticed I have made several references to the Paint My Photo website recently. I think this is a fabulous resource for we artists who like to paint from reference photo's and it is quickly growing in size.

As well as being a friendly and interesting world wide community it's also useful for receiving feedback as well as giving some on other artist's work, both amateur and professional. I've been happy to upload a few of my best photographs, even though they are quite amateurish efforts and it's been lovely to see other members interpretations of some of them. Happily there are some very talented photographers also on there who are willing to share some of their work.

For example a chap named Steven J Gibbs, who has a wonderful portfolio of photographs which can be found on Flickr has kindly agreed to allow a selection to be uploaded to the website. This one's got my name on it already and there will be a lot more coming soon!

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