Thursday, 2 December 2010

Walk The Walk

This week I've been concentrating on completing this pencil work. It's quite large at 13.5 x 25 inches, done on white Stonehenge paper.
Quite tricky to work on this size (and shape) as I work sitting down at my drawing board set at an angle on a table. I could barely reach the top (and most important part) of the picture so had to constantly juggle it about this way and that to get at it properly.

Then there have been the constant distractions in the shape of little Leon. One day, hearing strange noises coming from the hallway outside my studio door I went out to find a complete toilet roll unwound from the top of the stairs down to the back door where he was busily chewing it to shreds. While clearing that up I left the studio door open and upon my return found at least 2 of my pencils that I was using had disappeared. They were found minced up in the living room! You know, sometimes I surprise myself with my patience.

With perseverance I managed to complete the drawing today, about 35 hours work in total. As is my usual way I have gone for quite sharp detail on the face but used a slightly looser style on the body to help focus the interest and also give depth to the drawing.

Here are a couple of detail images.

I think it's turned out well and I'm contemplating whether to make this my entry into the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's wildlife artist of the year competition. Therefore it won't be put up for sale yet.


Rob Kirbyson said...

Great great work. To work motion /kinetics into a subject is extraordinary.

Fakharuddin40 said...

So fine like fine art.

Plastic Card

ivana said...

Fantastic work Peter, the detail is incredible. Your pencil work is amazing, really inspiring