Monday, 3 January 2011

All Washed Up

Every now and again I like to paint something fairly traditional in subject as well as technique, mainly for the practice.

Today I painted this little watercolour, based on my own photograph taken in the Summer out by the river to the South West of Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. It's just 8 x 11 inches on 140lb NOT paper............Here is my reference photo.
 This started out very loose but then I finished the foreground with finer detail. The shingle effect was created after a spattering of masking fluid was applied with a toothbrush which I then used to splatter fine sprays of several different colours over a raw sienna wash. Finally a fine spray of clean water, count to 20 then dry off with a tissue before removing the masking fluid and adding tiny shadows to some of the white bits to form little pebbles.

I painted the rocks very dark using strong mixes of several colours before lifting out shapes with clean water and tissue, then glazing over with some transparent washes.

The grass was also started with quite dark greens then finished with my finest brush and some Naples yellow which is quite opaque. Then a few more transparent glazes.


sue said...

Beautiful painting.

Painting pebbles by your method sounds like fun :o)

Ron said...

Always a treat to come over to your site and see what you've been up to. Great work, like usual!

Interesting technique in creating the forground pebbles and stones. Turned out excellent.