Saturday, 8 January 2011

Dust To Dust

An African elephant taking a dust bath to help repel parasites and give some protection from the relentless desert sun. Measuring 13 x 21 inches this graphite pencil work is quite large but due to the absence of any hair or fur, didn't take too long to complete (about 15 hours in total). I based my elephant on a photograph from the zoo but transferred him to the Namibian desert for his dust bath. Once framed this will be for sale from the Mighty Fine Art website.


sue said...

Another excellent work Peter - Is the black background graphite or do you combine with charcoal?

Peter Williams said...

Sometimes I do Sue, but this one is all graphite. I use the dust and rub it in with a cloth to get the even, rich, black wash.

sam said...

Stunnin work Peter, very happy to have found you)