Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lightning Strike

A quick Kingfisher painting today. Lightning Strike, 15.5 x 10.5 inches watercolour on paper.
I started out with a basic faint outline sketch of the bird, then splattered on some masking fluid in the area where the bubbles were to be. Once dry I soaked the paper all over, fed in lots of colours and then covered the area where the river bed would be with scrunched up cling film.
Once dry I removed the cling film to reveal some patterns and textures for me to work from. Also I removed the masking fluid and started painting in the bubbles, as can be seen in this next photo. (sorry this one's rather poor)

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery at this point and I was too busy to sort it out, but it was just a case of adding some feathers and a few details to the kingfisher's head. Working on the river bed by adding detail, lifting out areas, adding more glazing washes, more detail etc.etc. until I was happy.

Finally I painted some ripples at the top to indicate the surface of the water from below, and made some light shafts by wetting a few streaks and wiping down diagonally with tissue. I tried not to overwork the detail, but rather concentrated on getting a sense of movement by allowing the colours to diffuse and blend together.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Peter. I am researching blogging my art and came upon your site. Sort of by accident! But I am happy I did, wonderful work.

Laura Mason

Anonymous said...

I actually like your first one best. I wanted to see if I could buy it, but the end result I don't really like, too mch detail.
The first one is so delightfully abstract, wich makes it so much more powerful, it enables you to feel the energy of the painting, not just see the lines. After seeing the other photo's, I realise this is partially because of the unsharpness of that first photo, but that one.. I like very much!

Peter Williams said...

Thanks for the comments, I'm not really trying to be an abstract painter but just enjoy aspects of looseness in my paintings. All of these kingfisher paintings sold more or less straight away, although there are some prints available.