Saturday, 29 January 2011

Natural Creation

It's that time of year again, when it's all pay out and not a lot coming back. I've been booking and paying deposits for dozens of events which I will be taking part in during 2011. Plenty more to come too!

I'm exceptionally pleased to have confirmed 2 exhibitions in particular which I shall be holding jointly this year with my good friend Tom Jones. One will be over the Easter period in the Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery and the other in a gallery in Pakefield later in the Summer (details will be announced nearer the time)

Tom is a highly talented wood carver and sculptor. He has a way with wood I've never seen equaled, creating beautiful wildlife pieces and some slightly more abstract as well as wooden bowls and all sorts of other things. He can look at a piece of wood, perhaps picked up from the beach or local orchards, woodlands, wherever and get an idea. Then after it has been properly seasoned he'll use the natural grain, colours and shape of the wood to carve the most astonishing things you could imagine. They are all finished off meticulously with natural waxes etc. You won't find any of his work on-line (yet) and I wish I had some more photographs to show other than this bowl I got from him a while back,  but I can guarantee that anyone who comes along to see the exhibition will be blown away by his work.

I am concentrating a lot more on wildlife art nowadays so I think the 2D and 3D selection of work will compliment each other really well, I'm really excited about it.

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Diane Jennings said...

what wonderful woodwork --you will compliment each other brilliantly.
I know the feeling of paying out for venues months away--it started here before Christmas--got 3 Craft markets booked for Feb and march--outside--am I mad or what!!!!