Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ups and Downs

I hate wasting money. I have so little of it that every penny counts so I was really depressed to realise I had made a mistake on the batch of flyers I had designed and ordered for my forthcoming exhibition. They arrived with the incorrect date on! Normally meticulous to the point of obsession, I can't believe I let that happen. £42 up the Swanny!

After punching a hole in the box with my fist I went out for a walk, my spirits getting lower and lower. It must be my age, I've just had yet another birthday. How long can you go on considering yourself middle aged? Nah, I'm definitely old now. Perhaps I'm developing the symptoms of Alzheimer's  (Dad died from that and I'd rather shoot meself while there is still a good chance I won't miss, rather than succumb to it)

Getting more and more pee'd off I decided to call the Samaritans. I got a recorded message and was asked to press '1' for English. This was going from bad to worse. Next I was put through to a call centre in Pakistan. I told the man I was feeling suicidal.........there was a long pause but I could hear some very excited voices in the background. He came back on the line and asked whether I knew how to drive a truck! I hung up.

Getting home I went on-line to re-order my flyers. There was a message for me from Imagekind saying they'd transferred $68 dollars into my Paypal account for print sales. That was unexpected, I haven't checked on there much lately. I went into Paypal and sure enough there was the $68 which, when I withdrew it converted to £42! (give or take a few pence) Spooky.............

Now, what am I going to do with 1000 flyers with the wrong date on..........hmmmm....anyone ever tried their hand at papier-mache modeling?

The above is all true apart from the call to the Samaritans....that was a joke.

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Aitch said...

Ha ha, I didn't really think you'd rung the Samaritans...

I can totally relate to your annoyance about getting the date wrong, I am so particular about things like that, too - I simply would not have believed it! I'm sure there will be something creative you can do with the flyers, however!